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Tai Chi Beginners' Class

This is a beginners' course delivered by Si Fu Pak Hoi Lam, focussing on movements to relax the body and in turn relax the mind. 

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Chair Yoga

Come and join our online class of this gentle form of yoga to improve your fitness and make new friends, run by our partner YogaForAll UK, Richard Kravetz. 

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Creative Flower Workshop

Learn to create beautiful flower arrangements using items and organic materials you can find in the garden or parks, online with Ursula Stone our partner from the Flowerbank.

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Managing Difficult Emotions

Learn and discuss how to manage challenging thoughts that cause us to behave differently in the current circumstances.

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Managing Times of Change

Explore emotions that come with change and learn how to manage it better.

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Managing Relations

Reflect on the quality of your relationships with others and learn practical ways to improving them.

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