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Managing Difficult Emotions


Difficult emotions can weigh on our minds, make decision-making harder and undermine our wellbeing. In the context of the Coronavirus crisis, difficult emotions represent an even more significant problem, while access to support can be more limited.

In this workshop, learn and discuss how to manage challenging thoughts that cause us to behave differently in this current situation. 


Benefits of Managing Difficult Emotions:

  • Learn about the causes of difficult emotions and how to manage them
  • Help to improve your mental health and wellbeing

 Managing Times of Change


Benefits of Managing Times of Change:

  • Learn about the difficulties for wellbeing and mental health associated with times of change
  • Help to improve your mental health and wellbeing

We are living through a period of intense change and uncertainty. In turn, this can lead to stress, anxiety and other negative feelings which can impact your wellbeing.

In this workshop, explore the emotions that come with change and learn how to them better so as to improve your wellbeing. Helping to manage times of change can help to alleviate the impacts of stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions.

Managing Relations


Our relationships with those around us are fundamental parts of our daily lives. Positive relationships with friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and others can mean the world. In turn, difficulties with relationships can have a major impact on our wellbeing. 

In this workshop, reflect on the quality of your relationships with others and learn practical ways to improving them. Improving your relations can make a world of difference.


Benefits of Managing Relations:

  • Learn about the importance of relationships to your wellbeing and mental health and the difference positive relationships can make
  • Get to the root of problems by reflecting on the relationships in your day to day life
  • Help to manage your relationships to improve your mental health and wellbeing

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