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Peer Support is about bringing people with similar lived experience together to support each other - a safe and welcoming space where everyone is treated equally. 


Peer Support is about bringing people with similar lived experience together to support each other. Our Peer Support Project provides a safe and welcoming space where everyone is treated equally and everyone’s experience is treated as equally important. Our Peer Support Project is about providing personalised support for those who have been affected by the isolation of lockdown. Peer Support can be vital in helping people cope with loneliness and have somebody to listen to and talk to during this unprecedented period. It enables you to socialise and connect, share with others what you have gone through and creates a strong network of support in times of need.

The Project is training up a number of people to become Peer Support Volunteers. The Volunteers will be trained and supported by qualified therapists in weekly sessions on Zoom, an online video calling platform which can be accessed for free. 

Accessing Peer Support:

If you feel you would like to access the Peer Support service, we can connect you with one of our Peer Support Volunteers. You then have a choice whether to begin with weekly one-to-one support or take part in the fortnightly Peer-Led group sessions.

Become a Peer Support Volunteer:

At Meridian Wellbeing, we believe in the power of experience and the power of what the community can offer to support each other. If you would like to receive regular training and support from a qualified therapist and offer your time to support others in the community, becoming a Peer Support Volunteer is for you!

Check out the video to the left to find out more about the project from our Peer Support Volunteer Coordinator, Donna. 

How do I become a Peer Support Volunteer?

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How often is the Peer Support provided?

One to one support is offered approximately once week, and the Peer Led Group sessions take place approximately every two weeks.

How long are the Peer Support sessions?

The one to one Peer Support sessions can range from fifteen minutes to half an hour.

How do I get connected with a Peer Support Volunteer?

Just get in touch with us and we will work with you to connect you with a Peer Support Volunteer. Our volunteer coordinator will make the arrangements that work for both you and the Peer Support Volunteer, and make sure you are receiving regular support.

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I would like to speak to a Peer Support Volunteer

A Qualified Therapist will deliver training to volunteers to become Peer Support Volunteers to provide one-to-one support and lead group sessions.


Meet Some Of Our Peer Support Volunteers


Our Therapists

At Meridian Wellbeing, all our therapists are qualified, experienced professionals who are there to listen, understand, and support your wellbeing. They are overseen by our clinical lead who provides regular supervision to make sure you are getting the most appropriate therapy.

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