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One of the less well-noticed consequences of the Pandemic has been the rise of anti-Chinese hate crimes and racism. 
The use of racist language and stereotypes about South East and East Asians is not new. However, the Pandemic has been seized by some as an excuse to vent hatred, and in some cases unleash violence. 
Unfortunately, others in positions of influence or authority have fanned the flames of racism out of ignorance or for their own ends.
Sadly, it is ordinary people who must face the consequences of this dangerous language.

Our Response

At Meridian Wellbeing, we believe in standing up to hatred and racism.

That's why we have partnered with the Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets (CATH) in a Tackling Hate Crime Project. 

The aim of the project is to:

  • Raise awareness in both the public and political sphere of the rise in anti-Chinese hate crimes and abuse.
  • Support and advocate for some of London's most vulnerable people, especially those who are elderly or speak only limited English.

You can read our introductory blog for the series here and news coverage of our work and the rise of anti-Chinese Hate Crime here.

The Project

The project aims to provide a range of wrap around support for elderly and vulnerable Chinese people. This includes:

  • Wellbeing and mental health support
  • Advice and an advocacy service
  • Support and guidance on using technology and the internet
  • Liaising with government and organisations working to tackle hate crimes
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Our speakers have included: 

  • Barnet Council
  • The Metropolitan Police
  • Tower Hamlets Borough Council
  • Mencap
  • Sarah Owen MP
  • Unmesh Desai AM

Our Webinars

As part of this project, we are running a six part webinar series with the Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets. In each webinar, a guest speaker shares their knowledge and experience on anti-Chinese racism and hate crimes.

These webinars help our vulnerable and elderly audience to better understand what constitutes a hate crime and where they can find support and report it. Along with this, our speakers discuss their and their organisation's work to tackle hate crimes.


Why Inclusion Matters

This project is about addressing digital exclusion amongst those from the Chinese community - especially those currently experiencing social isolation in light of Covid-19 restrictions. 

We understand that the Pandemic and its consequences can lead to significant levels of loneliness, which negatively impact wellbeing.

By providing training and support, including access to a lending library of tablets, we hope to ensure that people are better able to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.

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