Call your friend

Apr 22, 2020

I am feeling lonely, bored of reading and looking at social media. I want to talk to a real person. 

Try calling (video or just voice call) a friend or someone you know that you have not spoken to for a very long time.

Maybe for one reason or another you’ve lost contact or haven’t spoken to for a while. You might’ve felt that you need to come up with a reason to talk to them, and there has never been a good enough reason.

You have a reason now. 

You want to check in on how they are through this thing. Are they ok?

During these times, where the whole of the world is #stayingathome, most people can’t say “I am out”

Although, if you have a friend who is a doctor, nurse, or any key workers, it might be best to simply send them a text message to check in with them. They are definitely busy at this time.

But I am in contact with all of my friend

And I have run out of things to say to them, we keep in touch on social media. Call them anyway.

How about playing games with them or doing quizzes together online?

You can take turns to choose a game, or write the quizzes, or even together join the already available quiz or games.

If you enjoy similar things like reading a book, agree to read the same book and discuss it on the next call. For ideas for a new books to read

Check on your local library website, many of them offer free e-book loans.

These websites also offer free books:

Or if you like watching movies or tv-series, you can watch it online together or discuss it on your next call.

For ideas on what to watch :

You could also join our Virtual Cafe, we have a group of people who meet online. We share our learning and experience in this group. Join us here.



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