Let me Eat ... Let me Sleep

Jul 25, 2022

Two of the persistent symptoms I experienced when I was ill with depression was lack of appetite and sleep disruption. Every day for over 100 days.

Aiming to eat three meals a day is incredibly difficult when you don’t have an appetite. Restoration for our body and mind is incomplete due to sleep disruption. Not being able to eat and sleep, at a time when we most need to eat and sleep, is cruel.

People say this is mental illness, but it does also affects us physically. We need food and sleep in order to function physically. Both of these crucial elements are hampered by the cruel illness of depression. Mental Health always impacts on our Physical Health too!

I wrote a poem about how this affected me when I was unwell:


To end this blog I have words of hope for you. The last words of the poem rang true, and I did get well again and have remained well for 4 years. My appetite and sleep routine returned. A broken bone takes a little time to mend ... and so does a burnt out mind.

These symptoms don't last forever, and good health and a connection to life is waiting for you and it will feel and taste absolutely wonderful.




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