The Power of P

Apr 19, 2022

Out of all the letters in the alphabet, there is one letter which covers an array of wonderful values. This is the letter P.

P is Possibilities. P is for Progress. P is Pride. P is Powerful. Other P’s include:

All of these above P words are Empowering. They allow us to live in the Present moment.

It gives us hope with Possibility, Potential, Plans.

Creativity gives us Poems, Paint, Pen & Paper.

Exercise gives us Pace, Physical, Parks

Good manners include Patience, Polite, Please.

And being content gives us Peace and Pleasure, 

P is for the Food of ye Gods – Pie and Mash! (this picture is in memory of my amazing Grandad, who would eat a MINIMUM of Three Pies!)

P is for People, and the beauty in us all. And P is for Peer Support, and how we can support one another through challenging times, and know that we are no alone.

P is Powerful. P is Passion. P is Purposeful.

And last but not least, P is for Playful. Jump on pavement hopscotches, play on the playground swings, sing along to the radio, make a sandcastle, tell a joke, have a picnic in the park, and embrace the simple Pleasures in life.



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