Donna's Story: Depression is a Liar Part 3

May 07, 2021
Content Warning: This blog discusses topics which some readers may find triggering. 
In this blog series, we will share the personal stories of those who have struggled with their mental health. We hope to show the universality of mental health problems and empower others to ask for help.
In the final part of Donna's Story, Donna reflects on her experiences and looks to the future.


My Ongoing Wellbeing Journey
When I first recovered from depression, I made some changes in my life to support my wellbeing, but life became busy again and 2 years later I became unwell with depression again. This cycle repeated itself 2 years later.

I have been told ‘Donna, your mind races faster than your body’ and this really hit home for me.

After I recovered from my last episode of depression, I truly began to learn that I had to find a way to embrace my values and personality without burning out. I had to discover how to balance my life better. I wanted to learn and develop skills that could keep me well.

I benefited from support from a Link Worker who my GP had referred me to. They listened to my current situation and challenges, and connected me to the resources and services most relevant to me. I was connected to The Network, and from there I have been connected to The Barnet Wellbeing Hub and Meridian Wellbeing.

In the past three years I have remained well and I am far more aware of stressful situations in my life. I have wellbeing tools under my belt which help me to pace myself better, identify busy periods, and help me to show kindness and compassion to myself every single day.

My wellbeing journey will always be ongoing, and I continue to learn and gain awareness of helpful resources. I would love to share these with you in future blog articles with Meridian Wellbeing.

I’d like to end with a saying I read when I was ill, that really resonated with me:
You may not always feel strong, but you are definitely brave. You wake up every morning to fight the same illness that left you so tired the night before, and that, my love, is Bravery.


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