Our December Activities: Wellbeing Days and a Festive Fun Day

Jan 22, 2021

In December, we hosted the second and third of our Wellbeing Days and a Festive Fun Day on 29th December 2020.

To round off a year like no other, we offered a number of additional activities beyond those normally on offer from Meridian Wellbeing.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have created a new website and moved our services online – so that people have access to activities and resources to support their wellbeing during lockdowns.

Later in the year, we put on the first of our Wellbeing Days – half-day long events featuring a variety of virtual activities to promote positive wellbeing.

Over the winter break, our Peer Support Volunteers put on a Festive Fun Day featuring Yoga, Tai Chi, music and singalong, a wellbeing webinar and more.

You can read about our first Wellbeing Day here.

Wellbeing Days

On December 3rd 2020 and December 17th 2020, we hosted the second third of our Wellbeing Days.

These free events were hosted in collaboration with our partner organisations Citizens Advice Barnet, Age UK BarnetMIND in Barnet

The funding from our Wellbeing Days comes from the London Community Response Fund, an organisation which provides coordinated funding to support communities in the city affected by the pandemic.

The free half-day events included a range of activities and classes to support people’s wellbeing needs.

Each day included a Dance Exercise Class, Wellbeing Webinars and a Music for Wellbeing session among other activities.

Festive Fun Day

On 29th December 2020, we hosted our Festive Fun Day – a free peer-led half-day of activities which ran from 12:45pm to 4:00pm. These activities were led by participants, leading to a highly engaging style for the event.

They included a question session with the Meridian Wellbeing Operations Manager. This was followed by Yoga/Tai Chi at 13:35.

Later the event included a wellbeing webinar, entitled ‘Stepping into 2021’. This was followed by music, singalong and games.

The event offered a chance for people to meet virtually, share stories and take part in interactive activities. For many attendees, this helped brighten up the winter period after a long, challenging year and a Christmas period like no other. As a consequence, attendees took the decision to hold a regular peer-led singalong session. The first of these will be called January Jukebox. 

Stepping into 2021

In the New Year, we will continue to be offering a range of exciting activities with something to suit everybody’s wellbeing needs.

With a third national lockdown having begun, many people will be feeling isolated and support for people’s wellbeing will be absolutely crucial. As we step into 2021, our priority will be to play our part in supporting the community during this very difficult period.  

Our next Wellbeing Day will be on 26th January 2021. These days have been a chance for us to build up what we have on offer and to work with other organisations in the local community to support people during the pandemic.

You can keep an eye on our website for more details and if you’re signed up to our mailing list you can expect to see those details in your inbox. You can sign up for free membership on our website here.

If you would like to get in touch to find out more about our Wellbeing Days or our other work please contact us here. You can also take a look at our work and access free resources on our website here.

Photo credit: Flickr/Miguel Discart.


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