What is Long Covid?

Oct 23, 2020
In the latest addition to our blog series, we discuss the phenomenon of ‘long Covid’ which has been subject to increasing attention.

This spring many of us may have heard phrases suggesting Coronavirus is only as bad as the flu. Some of us may have even heard that only those who fell into the various ‘at-risk’ groups could be seriously affected.

Recent attention to what is described as ‘long Covid’ has underlined that the truth is not this simple.


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We Need to Talk about Isolation

Oct 16, 2020

The lockdown has led to many feeling more isolated. We discuss what we can do and the ups and downs of substituting technology for face to face contact.

The lockdown which began in March of this year as a response to the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic has led to major changes in our lives. It has led to changes in how we live, what we do each day and who we see.

For many across the country, both young and old, feelings of loneliness have been a common problem.

Not being able to see...

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Our Wellbeing Activities on World Mental Health Day

Oct 10, 2020

We ran a number of activities on World Mental Health Day this year, highlighting the importance of promoting wellbeing, social activities and speaking to each other more.

On World Mental Health Day 2020, we hosted a number of wellbeing activities to mark the occasion and underline the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

World Mental Health Day (WMHD) takes place on 10th October every year and is marked around the world to promote advocacy and awareness on mental health and to...

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The Lockdown and Wellbeing

Oct 02, 2020




As the second part of our new blog series, we explore the lockdown which has led to tremendous changes in our daily lives and its impact on health and wellbeing.

The lockdown seems to touch on every moment of our lives these days.

What began in March as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic has come to shape the whole year. Impacting who we see, what we do and where we go everyday. This has the potential to affect every element of our wellbeing, whether it be our...

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Introduction to Meridian Wellbeing

Sep 25, 2020


In the first of our series of blogs we introduce Meridian Wellbeing and our mission. Join us on our journey to promote wellbeing and empower people to improve their lives for the better. 

Hello and welcome to Meridian Wellbeing.

Hopefully by now you’ve managed to have a look around the platform, if not then please do when you get the opportunity.

For us, Meridian Wellbeing is about providing an accessible, one stop shop, to support the wellbeing needs of those living in...

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How Are You Today?

Apr 23, 2020

Try asking this question to yourself every day and answer it honestly

Feelings are normal, it is what makes us human. 

There is nothing wrong in having them.

When you answer  “Yes I am good, thank you.”

Try describing what makes you feel good, everything and anything that makes you feel good. It doesn’t matter whether they are simple or complex, things such as:

  • The sun is shining
  • I had a good night sleep
  • It is raining outside but I am warm and having a...
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Call your friend

Apr 22, 2020

I am feeling lonely, bored of reading and looking at social media. I want to talk to a real person. 

Try calling (video or just voice call) a friend or someone you know that you have not spoken to for a very long time.

Maybe for one reason or another you’ve lost contact or haven’t spoken to for a while. You might’ve felt that you need to come up with a reason to talk to them, and there has never been a good enough reason.

You have a reason now. 

You want to...

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5 Ways to Wellbeing

Apr 21, 2020


Connect, build, broaden and strengthen relationships and social networks. Spend time with others, friends and family and make time for conversation or having that chat.

02. Be Active

Being active is for people of all ages and does not need to be intense physical activity. Being active, such as walking, can also encourage social interactions.

03. Take Notice

Being active is for people of all ages and does not need to be intense physical activity. Being active, such as...

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What are people saying about the virtual cafe?

Apr 19, 2020
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