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Covid-19 Response Online Activities


Peer Support Project

The Peer Support Project is about providing one to one support for those who have been affected by the isolation of lockdown. Peer Support can be vital in helping people cope with loneliness and have somebody to listen to and talk to during this unprecedented period

We offer our peer support volunteers a 1-hour weekly support session on Zoom.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Support Volunteer click here.



Our webinars are led by professionals and cover key topics around wellbeing and mental health, using advice and techniques that have been helpful for clients accessing our services. This can help you to better understand and manage your mental health and wellbeing.

These include our live webinars, where you can interact with others and put your feelings at the centre, and our pre-recorded webinars which can be watched at your own convenience.


CBT Group Webinars

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy focussing on thinking through how your emotions and thoughts impact your actions and behaviour. CBT helps you to manage these challenges so you can solve problems in your life.

Our CBT Sessions take place in a group setting and will help you to address your emotions and thoughts so you can better deal with problems.

Get Active

We offer a range of online activities to get active, improve your wellbeing and make new friends. These activities are suited to people with any level of experience or none. 

To book a place contact us here.

Wellbeing Bites

We all live busy lives and don't always have time to take care of our wellbeing. That's why Meridian Wellbeing has created this new video series, Wellbeing Bites. In each episode our therapist, Daniela Gallini, provides a 3 minute-ish introduction to a technique or tool that you can use to help improve your wellbeing.


Get Creative

We offer a range of creative activities to support wellbeing and encourage you to express yourself. These activities are suited to everyone, no matter your tastes and are a chance to learn something fun. 

To book a place contact us here.

Claire and Chris discuss...

In this video series, Meridian Wellbeing's Clinical Lead and Psychotherapist, Claire Gibson, discusses mental health with wellbeing novice, Chris Hartley.

In each video they discuss a different mental health topic.


In our fortnightly podcast, The Word On Wellbeing, we bring together a variety of guests to discuss the topical issues around wellbeing, mental health and current affairs.

Our guests so far have included:

  • GPs
  • Psychologists
  • Local Government
  • Solicitors

You can listen to all the episodes here or on Spotify.

Guided Self-Help Videos

In this video series, Claire Gibson, Meridian Wellbeing’s Clinical Lead and Psychotherapist, provides straightforward guides to help you to take control of your wellbeing using a range of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tools. 

What We Do


Barnet IAPT

An NHS based service providing support for people suffering with depression, low moods, or other mild to moderate mental ill-health.


Chinese Wellbeing Services

We offer bilingual support, services and activities for like-minded people to socialise and manage their wellbeing.


Supportive Online Community

Become a member and access our library of recorded workshops, downloadable resources and online discussions.


Managing Challenging Emotions

Learn and discuss how to better manage challenging thoughts that cause us to behave differently during the current crisis.

To book your place contact here.


Wellbeing & Positive Self-Care

We explore positive self-care techniques and tips that can help support your wellbeing.

To book your place contact here.

Improving Relations

Reflect on the quality of your relationships with others and learn practical ways to improve them.

To book your place contact here.


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Why not become a Peer Support Volunteer?

Make friends and help other people in your community. You can help support those who have been affected by the isolation of the lockdown, or who are struggling with their wellbeing. As a Peer Support Volunteer, you'll be supported by our Peer Support Coordinator, Donna. 

If this sounds like something for you, then click the button below.  

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